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FlexPowerHub is the plattform to take part in energy markets and for a successful commercialisation of flexibilities


To understand and overview the market is the basis for a sustainable and successful Trading. Therefor we offer market data und individual reports – anytime and everywhere

  • Balancing Market
  • Spot-Market
  • Futures-Market (coming soon)
  • Intra-Day-Market (coming soon)
  • General Market-Data
  • Weather

Are you interested?

Collecting data is a big effort. With our individual Dashboards you have access to all relevant information – at one glance.

Smart Services

Next to/Beside our considerable overview of the market with the Market-Hub you have intelligent servicves accessable. Always with the focus to make your daily acting on the markets much more efficient and economic.
  • Bid Generator for the balancing market
    create your own strategies to take part at the Balancing-Market
  • Trading Limits (coming soon)
    automated alerts and transparency within your individual strategies on the Futures-Market

Power is Digital and Green

Our Tools Market-Data-Hub

Interactive Dashboards

  • General Market-Data
  • Balancing-Market
  • Wind and Weather
  • Current/Up to date News

Precisely visualized

  • ready-made dashboards for different topics
  • with loads of meaningful charts
  • to get a reliable but quick overview
  • or even go deeper into the data

Download to all usual formats

  • CSV raw-data or summary
  • PDF
  • Microsoft Power Point
  • As a picture

Information in realtime

  • from various sources
  • in nativ frequency
  • updates up to every 15 minutes
  • press releases and (News)

Available on every gadget

  • on your Desktop
  • mobile
  • Tablet
  • also on TV in presentation mode


  • always “on-demand”
  • E-Mail-Reports at your regulated/desired/favoured time
  • Automated alerts when moves uncommon
  • Definde your own KPI’s and limits

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Do you want to try the data-plattform FlexPowerHub to improve your trading at the energy market?

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Meet FlexPowerHub

FlexPowerHub is a Joint Venture of the Salzburg AG and the cognify KG with the objective of using the digitalization within the energyindustry at its best/as best possible for our partners. As we know about how to use the most modern methods for automating processes and latest procedures for Data-Science & Big Data we are in the position to customize this knowledge for your advantage.

Dr. Norbert Walchhofer

Data Scientist & cognify Founder

Norbert Walchhofer is an analytical brain. During his career he faced a lot of challenges – starting from project-, change- and improvement manager, to data scientist and founder – within several industries like science, manufacturing, commerce, IT and energy. He graduated in Management Science at the Vienna University of Economics and Business before he received a docotrs’s degree in his major subject mathematics and statics.

Norbört is convinced that the only possible way to sustain on the market is by using intelligent systems and get an advantage throughout information.

Stefanie Kritzer

Portofolio Manager – Energy Trading

Stefanie Kritzer is a project and portfolio manager in the energy sector. She is experienced in the topics market analysis, optimization of assets and management of flexibilities for over 10 years. Within the past years she pointed her focus on
digitalisation & innovation as well as climate and energy where she leads/handles several projects. In her belief the energy transition is one of the most important projects of our epoch and in the same time a big, big chance for all market actors.

As a data-science-agency we made it to our mission to develop/bloom/rise up the value added of our customers by using intelligent machine learning algorithms and analytical techniques. In collaboration/cooperation with our partners we engineer custom-made data- science-solutions to support them in optimizing our customers digital processes. Therefor we use the integration and usage of existing data in combination with artificial intelligence or machine learning algorithms. Additionally, we deploy analytical methods to rise up relevant parameters. In the course of working with external data it is a privilege for us, as we live it like that/and is also treated like that. That‘s how we automize processes, manage them more intelligent and reduce human intervention step by step. Especially in the energy sector it is apparent that we can improve the daily life in so many facets by implementing automized integration of data and intelligent methods. In the end this is the ambition of FlexPowerHub – to provide these significant and comparative benefits to the broad public.

The salzburg AG for energy, public transport and telecommunication provides fundamental areas